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Allow loading of a song during the mid-loading of a song... (it makes sense, I swear!)

MyrkMyrk Taunton, UKPosts: 89
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Ok so during playback of 1 song you load a new song, and it goes into that loading semi dimmer version of the song you are gunna play next, then realise "ah no, I wanna load song 28c not 28d" but... you can't as after pressing the load button to load song 28d you are locked out of most functions, including load, and mute/unmute of future tracks in the next song. In a live situation if I accidentally press the load button on the wrong song I'm basically screwed! Can we have the ability to use the load button again in playback after loading another song, to either allow selection of another song or an abort of the loading of a new song to continue on the current? Kinda like an undo for loading? Also ability to use mute/unmute on the song being loaded up would be fantastic, otherwise you have to do a much more pre-meditated preparation for saving songs in certain states of mute/unmute ready for loading. Both of these features would exist during the mid loading "screen" between songs in playback mode, and would allow a more fluid jam between songs and less advanced preparation.

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