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Octave and track shift dependent on Track or Song view

MyrkMyrk Taunton, UKPosts: 89
edited November 2017 in Deluge Software Suggestions

So I only just noticed (don't know how it took this long to notice) that octave shift is per track, in the track, but semi-tone shift is entire song based, even when in track view. Is it possible to have some standardization on this feature? If in track view it should just effect that track, and then in Song view it should effect all tracks (synth, midi and CV, but not kits - dunno how that will work though as the deluge won't understand if midi 10 is going to a drum channel or a synth unless an option was made to tell the deluge).

I know there is a scale mode lock on this, but it does seem a tad unusual and not natural in its current functionality.

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