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Midi Programmer's Mode


In Midi mode offer an optional setting where the Deluge spits out a Midi note for any pressed pad (1-128). Receiving Midi-In notes on the same channel would trigger that same pad to light up in a specific color. (Sequencing would be ignored in this mode on this track as the user would take care of it reading the midi clock.)
E.g. when track set to Midi channel 7: Pressing the 10th pad in the bottom row would trigger 'Midi Note: On / Track 7 / Note: 10'. User could now send the same information from his computer to light up that pad red 'Midi Note: On / Track 7 / Note: 10 / Velocity: 19' (in case 19 means dim red).
This way we could build custom midi software which could use the (amazing) pad grid of the Deluge for input and output. Someone could also write a custom script to use the full pad layout in Ableton for example.
Similar to Launchpad's programmer's mode. Here is their reference (examples on and after page 18)


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    MyrkMyrk Taunton, UKPosts: 88

    I'm confused... is there a video showing this on the Launchpad, or another way to explain it? When you say midi note do you mean CC? 'Cus otherwise isn't the keyboard mode in midi similar to what you are saying? You can already control velocity values and note values...

    You use the word "note" a lot, but I'm feeling like you mean a different word?

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    roferrofer Posts: 6

    I've got a Launchpad Pro so I might be able to help explain this.

    Basically, in Programmer Mode the Launchpad gives you access to all of the information it gets and lets you manually control all the LEDs. Every drum pad spits out a note on message with it's id and the velocity you hit it with. Then, when it's done it sends the note off message. I imagine the Deluge might already do something like this.

    However, it also makes every button simply send a midi cc command when it (so the controller becomes entirely a dumb control surface). By default no lights will light up, but by sending midi commands to launchpad you can turn every LED on and set the color. This way, you can completely re-imagine how the launchpad works through software on the host device. For example, while the launchpad is normally used to trigger clips or samples, you could instead write a program which uses it as a sequencer like the Deluge.

    For the deluge, this would mean a special mode where everything just spits out midi messages and none of the lights activate on their own. This way people could integrate the Deluge with their DAWs without waiting for any kind of official support in the firmware.

    I'd love to see something like this too. I'm already pretty sure I'll buy a Deluge, but every new possibility makes the purchase easier to justify.

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