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Option to apply Swing setting to Trigger Clock Output

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I'd like an option for the current Swing setting to affect the timing of the Trigger Clock Output so that the slaved device will exhibit the same swing feel as the Deluge.

I have built a little cable which connects Gate Out 3 and Gate Out 4 to Run and Clock inputs on my TB-303. Everything works as it should--the TB-303 runs in sync when the Deluge is running. Awesome.

However, if I turn up the Swing setting on the Deluge to introduce some feel and funkiness to the rhythm, the TB-303 will continue to run straight (which is a bummer since the TB-303 does not have a swing control of its own).

By enabling an option on the Clock page of the Settings, the timing of the Trigger Clock Output be modulated in a way such that the timing of 16th-notes on the slaved device match those of the Deluge even with Swing applied. This is achieved by slowing down the output of the clock (6 slow pulses @ 24ppqn) then speeding it up (6 fast pulses @ 24ppqn). By switching between slow and fast pulses every 16th-note, a 16th-note swing is introduced on the slaved device.

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