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Serial Numbers


Hello everyone,
i am very excited about the Deluge and can´t wait till there are new ones sold in December.
My question is, if there are Serial Numbers on the unit or in other words: how many have you sold till today?

I really hope you are prepared for big business in December, cause as far as I can see, your work is hyped all over the net, what has good reasons in my opinion.
Congratulations to you in Newzealand and be prepared for viral marketing.

regards Eddy


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    Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandStaff Posts: 262

    Haha, thanks Eddy. It's still a boutique (ie: not mass produced) product, so stock might not last all that long.

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    EddyEddy ColognePosts: 158

    so nearly two weeks till december...any news?

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