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Song and sample performance mode on grid?

rephazerrephazer hollandPosts: 5
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Hi there,

Just got the Deluge and after some fooling around with it I think this machine is great and got lots of potential.

Since this is the suggestion category here are a couple of thoughts.

I would love seeing a (switchable) performance mode in song mode where you can use the grid for (master) effects. For example using the horizontal row for various effects (filter/bitcrusher/eq/reverb/delay etc.) and the vertical row for the amount of the effect. Perhaps the 2 rows on the right could be used for individual track fx, but even having such a function for the master channel only would be very useful instead of switching between all these effects with the buttons and using the 2 golden knobs like a mad man :)

Another suggestion.. I would love to use the grid for editing sample start and end point and was a bit surprised the grid wasn't used for that functionality. For example using a single row for the whole length of the sample and adjust the length of the row to adjust start/end point. If you can even loop samples that way we would have some sort of a MLR (monome) which would be great!

Anyway, keep up the good work! I love it already :) Cheers!

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