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"CAnt" change scale after recording

g105bg105b United KingdomPosts: 8

Hi everyone!

I keep getting myself stuck in a mode that I don't know how to get out of, but I can reproduce the issue so hopefully someone can help me out.

In short: After picking a scale for the piano mode to display in, if I live-record a synth track, all pads start to become lit as I play them, with no going back to only displaying the scale.

To reproduce:

  • From a new song, go into the piano mode for a synth track.
  • Note how only the pads that fit in the selected scale are lit by default.
  • Record a few bars of anything.
  • Note: during recording, as you press the notes outside of the scale, their pads become permanently lit.
  • Now there's no way of disabling these extra pads, and if I try to change the "scale" back to what I want, I see "CAnt" on the display. It seems the only way to get back to a state where only the pads in-key are lit up is by starting a new song.

See photos:

1) Before recording: scale is displayed on pads

2) During recording: all pads light up after pressing them individually

3) After recording: can't change back to original scale mode

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    volstehvolsteh CroatiaPosts: 85
    Answer ✓

    you recorded notes out of scale, so the scale func. doesn't work anymore


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    g105bg105b United KingdomPosts: 8
    edited January 14

    Oh, it's as simple as that? I didn't understand it this way. I find the illuminated scale really useful to understand and remember the chord shapes. As soon as all the pads illuminate, it's pretty pointless. Is there no way to disable this feature so I can have one track in a scale, and one being played freely?

    Sorry, I misunderstood the feature for so long!

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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usaPosts: 296
    edited January 14

    Turn off the scale feature on all the tracks that have any notes recorded out of the scale.
    This is what lets you change key and scale in different sections of the same song.

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