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.SF2 Loading


I have a bunch of samples mashed into Soundfonts, and I'd love to be able to quickly choose one of these instruments as the Sample for each of my oscillators in Synth mode.


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    100% agreed. There are some excellent soundfonts (choirs especially)

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    That would be extremely handy!

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    krunchrkrunchr Mainz, Germany

    yeah. loading .sf2 and/or .sfz multi samples as oscillator sources is my most missing feature <3

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    alien_brainalien_brain this side of common sense
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    well... thats a little too convenient. not to mention that plenty of users dont need to load samples because they dont use samples on their deluge and are offended that you would even have such a thought LOL so that leaves the rest of us speaking a foreign language

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    fryyyyfryyyy germany

    Ive created a multisample converter, its fairly easy to convert kontakt libs or multisamples.

    I havent bothered with SF2 so far, because i havent found any good sounds. Can you show me some good sf2 sounds and i can try to write a converter for it.


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