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Just like the title says. I'd like to set the color for the whole track in song mode rather than just the audition pad. It would be OK to keep the regular colors in track mode, but in song mode it would be helpful to me at least to have the whole drum track show up as green, for instance and the whole bass track to show up as blue.


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    rpc9943rpc9943 New York usa

    Agreed! Would help in arrangement. Some day eh

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    dobdob The Netherlands
    I like the compressed-view idea of the note colours in song mode... Works fairly well so far, for me, for distinguishing the different tracks.
    It's one of those Deluge specific charms.

    I think for people in live situations it would make more sense if they'd be able to have all bass tracks in blue across songs?
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    DocRomplerDocRompler Pittsburgh PA

    I'm 100% in favor of this. It would allow for significantly more immediate recognition of what each track contains.

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    I guess it would make more sense that the the audition pads be the color of the song section but the note entry area would have the various instruments in their own color -- at least in song view mode.

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