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controller for the loop function - which is the best?


hi, I've tried to get that simple 4 switch controller board from synthstrom, but the thing is not available.
I've bought a Behringer FCB1010, but as far as I can get here is that it only allows two switches for sending midi notes instead of the four different midi notes that are required for operating the looper from remote, is that right? Which controller can do this???


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    GomiNoSenseiGomiNoSensei United KingdomPosts: 2

    Heya. I own a behringer fcb1010 and have used it to control the deluge without any problems. It's super powerful and is able to output any combination of (up to 2) CC, (one) PC, and (one) Note messages per pedal. You need to dig into the settings to get the pedals to send a note on rather than a PC message but once you've done that for a bank of pedals you can control the deluge the same was as if you had a midi keyboard.

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