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Managing multiple MIDI clips assigned to the same MIDI channel


Apologies if this has been covered -- seems like the kind of thing that might have been, but no luck w/ search. WHAT I am trying to do is control just one hardware polysynth [Kyra] on one channel, where I have multiple Deluge MIDI clips all set to the same MIDI channel, that I can mute and unmute, controlled in Song mode. What I'm finding is that it sort of works, but for some reason when I unmute, say, my third clip, it will also play my first clip, even though that one is still muted. Any ideas? ~~~ [literally just thought of something: maybe I need to record each Clip FROM a different MIDI channel of my keyboard [using midi Learn button for distinct incoming channels] but make sure they're all going out on the same channel...? Anyway, any help welcome, and I will report back.....


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    JeffSJeffS Buffalo, NY, USPosts: 11

    Mmm, what I mentioned at the end of the above works--making sure keyboard comes in on different channels. I don't quite understand why [maybe there's some kind of global Omni engaged, but can't find that. All's well that ends will I guess.

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