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A whole new Deluge experience awaits.......

WillWill Middle of NowHere, CanadaPosts: 157

Just arrived: a Joué controller for my Deluge!!!!!!

I had plugged a velocity sensitive keyboard into it a while back - totally gave me a new appreciation of the Deluge, and I'm using it for an art project which has limited performance space, so I was looking for something cool as a controller.


The Joué is similar to the Sensel Morph, with a smaller footprint/form factor.
It's a lot cheaper than a Linnstrument, but with a somewhat similar playing experience.
(you'll need to buy their special MIDI cable as well)

I'd highly suggest that any of you who require a bit more expression give it a look....
Not cheap - because it's really well made, of great materials, in France

I bought the pro board (video below), but there's also a less expensive version on Kickstarter...

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