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Transposition and Control Input


Got in my Deluge yesterday, loving the heck out of it so far. A few little things that I think could be solved pretty easily in software:

When adjusting a parameter with the Select knob, could we use the 8 Mute/Launch as a virtual slider? So, they show the current value same as the 4 LEDs next to the gold knobs do, but I can press one of them to skip the value of the parameter I'm editing to that point? Right now, it's annoying to scroll the knob 50 in one direction if I want to get to, say, preset 50 in the Synths. I especially seeing this become an issue for me as I make lots of songs with many parts and lots of synth presets, and have to scroll by each of them. Currently the Mute/Launch buttons don't seem to have any extra functionality, so that seems like a good place to put this.

I also would like to be able to transpose a single track, rather than just the notes I'm pressing (press notes and use up/down knob) or all Scale parts together. I recommend being able to press a Mute/Launch key in Track mode and scroll up or down to move all notes in the current track on that line (so, I press the button next to C4 and scroll Up one, this results in all previous C4 notes on this track becoming C'4). To transpose the whole track, I recommend Shift->Audition->Scroll (have a track, press Shift->Audition->Scroll Up to move every note in the track up on the Scale).

And lastly, I want to be able to delete all note/automation information on a track! Shift->Save (Delete) doesn't seem to do anything in Track mode, so I would really like to see this functionality moved there.

Thanks for such a great piece of kit!


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    MyrkMyrk Taunton, UKPosts: 89

    Yer I really do think those mute/launch buttons or the auditions should be used more often as an addition to the measly 4 character display haha!

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    Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandStaff Posts: 347
    edited October 2017

    Just quickly "FancyKiddo", you know you can transpose all the notes in a track already? Page 16 of manual.

    "If you wish to transpose a track up or down, this can be achieved by holding down the ▼▲ knob and turning it. Doing this alone will transpose a whole octave at a time. If you wish to transpose just a semitone, then hold down the shift button additionally."

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