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modulate panning of sample in kit or synth tracks?

PrntsPrnts Posts: 3

New user here to the Deluge. Loving it so far. However Im having trouble figuring out if I'm able to modulate panning of sounds with one of the LFO's either for a sample residing inside a kit or a sample that I'm running on a synth track? Can either or even one of these situations work?


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    volstehvolsteh CroatiaPosts: 22

    Yes, shift+PAN, shift+mod source, then turn amount of modulation.

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    PrntsPrnts Posts: 3

    thanks for the reply. I'm obviously a new owner of a deluge. I have been referencing the manual quite a bit but have been having some issues here and there. Just a lot of new things for me to learn and remember. My primary sampler for the last 5 years has been an octatrack so really just adjusting to a totally new type of workflow on this machine. Loving it so far. Its really a great pairing for the OT

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