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MIDI question: MIDI channel per instrument


I'm sending MIDI sequences into Studio One Pro from an external device (Synthstrom deluge). I've not yet found how to set an instrument in SOP to receive on a single MIDI channel. deluge sends its various clip sequences on separate MIDI channels and I want to set up, ex: clip 1 (MIDI channel 1) to play Inst 1, clip 2 (MIDI channel 2) to play Inst 2, etc.

Suggestions or manual page number would be very helpful.



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    EddyEddy ColognePosts: 241

    I guess you have to MIDI LEARN every single clip: Shift+Select pad

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    carvingcodecarvingcode OhioPosts: 2

    Actually, I found the answer shortly after posting this. Sorry.

    To do this, assign the device (deluge) to SOP's instrument input and select the appropriate MIDI channel. So simple, I missed it at first.

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