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SOLVED: Attempted to update to v3.1.1 and now screen will just show 'error'

smmckee22smmckee22 U.S.A.Posts: 3

SOLVED: This was an issue of using a PC to update the card instead of a mac, which i had previously used. Formatting problem of some kind.

I tried to update to v3.1.1, and when holding down the shift key 'update' appears, and then quickly shifts to 'error'. I tried to roll back to v3.1.0, and am getting the same message. When I just try to turn on the unit, it immediately goes to the 'error' screen. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated. The unit is totally bricked for the time being.

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    harmonyunitedharmonyunited United StatesPosts: 15

    This JUST happened to me too! I was trying to update to v3.1.2 from v3.1.0. Can't boot past error message either after attempting to update..

    Bricked ;(

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