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Song mode launch quantization


At current time , it is only possible wether to instantly launch a clip or immediately launch a clip . But sometimes we need more options like 1 bar , 2 bars , 1/16 quatization for launching clips . Especially useful when you are working with long sequences with odd time signatures .


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    NiktuNiktu MelbournePosts: 6
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    DekalboyDekalboy FrancePosts: 24

    The same thing could applied for loop recording and Resampling . Let say you want to record the output of 2 tracks running , one is 2 bars and one is 8 bars . The audio track recorder records until the end the 8 bars track . But sometimes you just want to pick up a one bar loop at the first bar or even at the third bar with a duration of one bar . Each scenario could not be done because of the current behavior of the recorder . Would be nice to have an option to set for that ( instant recording and quantization recording ). I think a good sampling device need to handle Thise kind of function .

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