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LFOs & ENVs Need Upgrading


As we all know, the envelopes & LFOs are a basic and key part of synthesis modulation & sound design in general. Excellent ENVs & LFOs = excellent design. The ENVs & LFOs need some pretty substantial improvement in Deluge to be up to professional level -

1. Different Env curves
2. Longer attack times (way longer)
3. A 500 ms hold
4. Loop env

1. More wave choices (noise, random, sample & hold)
2. LFO phase start
3. Slew /smoothing


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    darenagerdarenager Between a rack and a hardware placePosts: 192

    I agree, and for kits in particular the envelopes could be more suited to percussion sounds. Also a few more envelope and LFO destinations would go a long way to making much more sounds.

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    RandomAztecRandomAztec IrelandPosts: 99

    agree upvoted

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    the5thvoltthe5thvolt AustraliaPosts: 3

    I second that proposal.

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    K4d4w3rK4d4w3r BelarusPosts: 2

    I should add here. I wish topic starter will update his post in case he agrees.
    1. Env time should not only be longer but also faster. Deluges envelopes are lame, I mean they can't be used to create really fast and accurate transients. In general I dould suggest to bring more resolution to envelopes in general. 50 values is really not enough. I thing even 128 points wouldn't be enough considering overal time range. And I really really miss posibility to acurately set up envelopes for very fast ranges (percussion synthesis). The best digital envs that come to my mind are old Waldorf ones lie in Q or XT.
    2. As for the curves, would be cool to have sort of continues parameter for that like -100 (antiexpo) 0 (linear) 100 (exponential)
    3. would be great to have delay parameter for the envelopes
    4. I know that not very common, but as envelopes are really important modulation source, would be cool to have them bipolar, or have an offset parameter for y axis where y is value with posibility to go under 0.

    As with regards to Env. Would be great to have S&H function added as random modulation doesn't do all the needed tricks. Also would be cool to have sort of LFO designer. Especially taking in to account button matrix possibilities.


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    Marteau_PicardMarteau_Picard BelgiumPosts: 5

    LFO phase start is essential, I support,
    and yes K4d4w3r, the envelopes are too soft.
    You must correct the situation.

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    rczrcz NYPosts: 94
    edited December 2020

    my vote for these will always be the ability to use the pad grid to define a custom curve. maybe use the shift+<> to stretch or shrink the curve in time? Would be pretty cool to be able to set the interpolation mode used to smooth between setpoints too.

    edit to elaborate... not sure the best way to assign a curve to a parameter (curve library maybe?). Seems like it would be pretty cool to assign different curves to the attack decay release.

    Also seems like a mod parameter on curves would be in order, ie a continuous parameter that can flip sign on the amplitude or scan harmonics. That being you could mix your curve running at different speeds.

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    EddyEddy ColognePosts: 256

    Long Attack Time can be realized with routing Attack to ENV1 and then turn it to negative values.
    Maybe you can experiment with this on other parameters.

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    KomplexKomplex Soundform RecordingsPosts: 17

    Perhaps an envelope multiply/divide function for extending/limiting envelope time per stage would do the trick...

    Maybe accessed by shift-pressing the relevant envelope stage pad [A/D/S or R] then selecting with the <> knob to zoom in/out the envelope time? Seems like that would be intuitive...


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