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midi tru box midi-powered by Deluge ?

ZillonZillon La Rochelle, FrancePosts: 3

Hello, thanks for having me in this forum. I'm a Deluge newbie.

I would like to know if I can use a tru midi box which needs to be midi-powered by the electronic device to which it is connected.
Can the Deluge do this?

I'm thinking about having a quadra-tru-box from midi solutions to connect several synth with the Deluge.



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    ZillonZillon La Rochelle, FrancePosts: 3

    The answer is no. The Deluge don't do that.

    Thanks to Ian Jorgensen for his answer : "Those don't work with lots of gear and the Deluge doesn't work with them 100% of them time"

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    ThetimiThetimi GermanyPosts: 4

    Hi Zillion

    The quadra thru box by midi solitions can be powered by the deluge. Others cant. I am powering it in my current setup.


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