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Guitar looper / Footswitch


There's a chap on the YouTube who does interesting looping with the Digitakt,

I'd like to do something similar with the Deluge, but think I need a footswitch.

As an aside I think an alternative to the footswitch would be to program into arranger view that you want to create a loop at a certain point in the performance and the Deluge just records at the point in time. I might not be explaining that very well. Say you have a 4 bar synth intro and then you have in the arranger an eight bar section where it's going to record 'Guitar Loop A'. After recording 'Loop A' from bars 5 to 12 it can play that back later in the piece. So at bar 24 play back the 8 bars you recorded at bar 4.

That makes sense in my head but maybe I'll just get back to the footswitch. Deluge used to do a footswitch, but I'd like to make my own, so I'm wondering what are the specs for a footswitch. I assume it's going to be MIDI, but then I already have a MIDI controller plugged into the USB. If I can use both the USB Midi and the old style MIDI connector at the same time then we're golden. MIDI is a fairly simple protocol so can I just make a footswitch and when the switch is pressed transmit a midi message? So are there certain messages which much be used to trigger a looper action or is it a case of just sending messages on any channel and 'Learn' the messages on the Deluge?

There's possibly a 'shift' 'loop start' button on the pads, there's just so many buttons I might have missed it.


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    IcoustikIcoustik NorwayModerator Posts: 676

    You need midi notes from your footswitch for triggering midi commands, which can be found in the settings menu (Shift+press Select) under the MIDI>CMD section :) Any midi notes, any channel, that's up to you which you wanna learn to the commands.

    FYI the arranger programmed looping thing has already been suggested and noted.

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    jwhitmorejwhitmore IrelandPosts: 7

    Thanks a million for that, going to have to read the MIDI spec.

    On programmed looping that's great news. I hope it's not a huge feature to implement. I'm sure there's a bit of a code base already in the Deluge.

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    jwhitmorejwhitmore IrelandPosts: 7

    Me again, hello all. I've been playing with a microcontroller, some code and a Baud rate of 31250. That's gone well and I'm happy enough with the pedal end of things. I ordered up 5 momentary footswitches, not thinking that I'd need 5, but now very conscious of the fact that I'm not sure how many I do need. I seem to remember that the Synthstrom footswitch, when it was available, had four switches? They may not have been momentary, but might have been toggle switches?

    I guess I'll have to try it out and see what works, I guess it depends on the complexity/flexibility of the looping feature of the Deluge, I'm still getting the hang of it and probably still not using close to 100% of it's functionality. I guess four footswitches will do for now.

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    jwhitmorejwhitmore IrelandPosts: 7

    Think I found an alternative to using the Deluge as a looper in my system so all is good ;)

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