MIDI Kits(?)


I would like the ability to create a 'kit' from custom MIDI notes so that I can easily switch to control external gear/software. Stuff like Superior Drummer, DSI Tempest etc that have fairly esoteric MIDI mappings (though vaguely based on the GM drum mappings).

In an ideal world what I'd like to do it sketch out ideas using the Deluge's sampler and then just switch that pattern to a kit that I've set up to control my Tempest, Superior Drummer, BFD, Geist or whatever.

I guess it's just like a user scale really only with different notes in each octave!


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    FASTFAST CaliforniaPosts: 24

    Good one, muleskinner.

    Glad to see that somebody is looking out for the T.


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    MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, GermanyPosts: 111
    Yes! Totally keen for that. A mate of mine has a Vermon DRM1. Totally keen to sketch some beats on the Deluge then take it over.
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    rpc9943rpc9943 New York usaPosts: 136

    i'd have to amend this and say if possible could we set up midi kits to also remember CC #, because I am going to be running this through tons of synths and grooveboxes

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