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Does changing folder names corrupt song saves?


If there is one small gripe I have about Deluge it's that the text rolls by too quickly when displaying folder and file names. Of course the solution is to shorten the names of folders/files, but if I do that, will my file saves stay intact? Probably not, I'm guessing.

One other thing, when saving, is there a button combo to just save right over the current song? I appreciate a new file being created just in case, but do we have a choice to save directly over the current working song? The multiple files saves gets a bit confusing sometimes.

Thanks alot:)


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    Changing folder names will cause the Deluge to error when loading projects that contain paths to the old naming. You can still load the song, but you will have to manually re-assign relevant synths/samples.

    Also, you can save directly to the current song without creating a copy:
    After pressing 'Save', scroll backwards to the original project number and press 'Save' again to overwrite.

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