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Loop page or loop screen ?

DekalboyDekalboy FrancePosts: 7

Hi ,

The function ( push <> and PLAY ) for playing a sequence every where in its length is very handy , especially for building a track or edit it .
But for editing with efficiency I also need a loop page / screen function in order to loop the I am working on for editing . Does the function exist on The device ?
I am a beginner user , and I can,t found it

A second use of this function could also be in live / improvisation situation , where we could instantly loop certain portions of the sequence to make breaks or movement for the considered track !

Thank,you !

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    DekalboyDekalboy FrancePosts: 7

    the combination SHIFT + PLAY seems to be free right ?
    this could be nice to make a loop page function . ( page means what yo see on the grid of the deluge , epending on the resolution )

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