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How to remove a note from a scale?


When live recording notes in keyboard view, sometimes you press a wrong note. But it seems to then light that note and added it to the scale (which makes subsequent playing on the keyboard slightly confusing). The producer docs and the old docs don't describe very clearly how to entirely remove notes or just restore the scale to the standard major scale.


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    xsterxster San FranciscoPosts: 11

    One thing that does seem possible is to turn the [scale] off, then play the major scale while all the non-root notes are off, then press [scale] again. While it works, it's a bit of work to do each time I make a mistake. Is there some key combo such as [shift]+[delete]+[wrong note] or some such that's more direct?

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    duelinmarkersduelinmarkers Austin TX USPosts: 118

    Does BACK (to delete what you just recorded) remove the added note from the scale?

    I think removing or fixing wrong notes, turning scale mode off, then turning it back on is the only way.

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