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If anyone is on the fence about deluge...


I've seen and played them all- the 'grooveboxes'. When you ask yourself which one should you get, this is it; there is no portable stand-alone musicbox out there that is as fun to use, and gives you more melodic and percussive rhythm-creating controls (especially with the upcoming 3.1 OS) than deluge -period. Synthstrom should be getting awards for this instrument- maybe they have already? Point is, this groovebox is time-capsule worthy. THE HYPE IS REAL folks. This is the best in the game, and believe me when I tell you, I ain't new to this lol.


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    3phase3phase berlinPosts: 2

    Thats exactly why i look around here... especially since its modern in this century to hype anything but hide any flaws. And hords of fanboys roam the the internet that silence any critical remark and never wish for really useful feature changes, but are sometimes happy with inoperateble bugs.. So in general not many new products match the quality standards of the 90´s but fall behind in many regards.. deluge looks like its done with higher inteligence than you usually fin in music software development today. But as a kid of the time it might suffer the same usual problems... too much menu diving... easy data loss..bad timming as masterr clock..bad timing as clock slave.. weak or harsh sound qualities that require to take expensive and heavy pres on stage..unintuitive user interface design.. aso..

    A basic problem is that there is nor real evolution of the sequencer..and any new invention is accompanied by some bad implemetations , that reinvent the wheel, but this time with edges..

    keep in mind that there has been inteligent qunatisation, record modes and clock handling in the 1980´s already..

    I belive that delude deserves some hype.. for the frequent updates alone.. But also for some clever programing oin the step sequencer side..

    but can it compete with a linn mpc when it comes to clocking? That would be waht i wish for since decades.. a light weigt unit with solidd clocking.. but they all do suck the oe way or the other... incl all non linn mpc´s..

    And sound quality? I mainly need a good stage sequencer..but wouldnt hurt to be able to have some sample playback that actually dont sounds worse than a i pad..

    and sequencer? one that allows to write on stage.. means realtime write with intelligent looping... Thats a good question.. All internet testers dont seem to get any differences in sequencers here..but in reality them are huge.. its kinda sad that one still has to miss an atari with cubase on stage when it comes to midi cycle recording. has the deluge a mode where it intelligently jumps back in the last full cycle, when ending a reording within the next cycle? If not that would be on my wishlist after beeing a owner for 5 minutes..

    Its hard for me to understand when testers on youtube demonstarte 100 fancy new things..but ignore such basics.. Which leaded to a situation where such basics on new products mostly suck..and just by chance get added in updates..

    As deluge seems to have seen more updates than having years on the market it actually could have good live recording abilities.. But usually users wish for coffe machine support before they would want comfi record modes..

    So how do i find out wheter the hype is real for once or just fanboy driven feature meglomania with the usual drawbacks of an early 21th century device?

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