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Machine extreme halting while stopped


Firmware 3.05
while the machine is playing it works just fine
but when i stop the machine doesnt work properly anymore.
stacking scrolling,
glitches at beginning and ending of the play mode.
sometime endless glitchy loops..

@rohan should i send you my song files? or is this a known bug..


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    GameDudeGameDude EarthPosts: 44

    Do you have any other gear connected?

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    OszilloOszillo -Posts: 18
    edited May 16

    The answers here and in the beta group in facebook is telling a lot how some users think about their devices. It became rare that arguments got understood as they are. I could share how i solved the issue myself. But well just watch how forum users react instead of helping each other. Why? Possible they can’t handle that their device isn’t perfect, so blaming others for announcements of issues seems to be their solution. Well, this is why i find it allmost impossible to be kind of active in this forums anymore. So to those who think this is the way to go - you won.

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