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Preset cloning bug? Clon / File


Hi, I came across a weird behaviour

I use the cloning preset as indicated in the manual "load the preset with load preset interface, but long-press the load button after selecting the preset"

Sometimes it works and I can see on the display "clon" flashing
But sometimes I get a "file" flashing

Completely random. I can reboot the deluge and try again with the same presets and I get different results.

The device is using the latest firmware and test was made on original presets
I tested the TAL multi samples too, they can be cloned

Thanks for your help


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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,003

    hmmmm, hard to say without some reproducible instructions.
    2 things come to my mind: the D always wants unique preset names, so maybe related to that.
    Another idea, dont know if still true, I remember having problems with sample intense presets that access the same sample files on the SD card.

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    Alexis_BryanAlexis_Bryan belgiumPosts: 10

    Hi Thomas,
    And thanks for your input.

    About Reproducible: well it’s still random. Sometimes I can clone the first synth preset, the next project I won’t be able. I tried methodically different approaches to establish a pattern without any success so far. Anybody else experiencing this issue?

    I tested your second theory with sample intense presets. So Ioaded a Borzani piano multisample of 164 mb and cloned it. The deluge runs both multisample presets smoothly.
    Your Zeeon and Sunrizer collection presets were cloned individually, no problem (great sounds by the way)
    It seems to only be affecting the numbered synth presets.

    So I decided to duplicate all my presets, (1, 1A, 2, 2A, and so on). My SYNTH folder is a mess, we definitely need a folder structure for synth presets like for the SAMPLES.

    Tested another SD card to see if it’s a reading issue. No improvements sill getting “FILE” instead of “CLON” on long press. If it’s a card reading speed issue or error, I get a “CARD” flashing. So it’s definitely not the SD.

    Thanks for your help guys

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