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Program Change on track launch?

SoundwreckerSoundwrecker Colorado, USAPosts: 13

Is there a way to send a program change message on track launch, as opposed to on song load? It would be fabulous to have 4 tracks in a single song going to a hardware synth which I could launch one-at-a-time and allow that one synth to play different patches automatically through a song. Is there a way to do this? I've used the channel/bank settings but they only work when loading a song.

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    OszilloOszillo -Posts: 18

    same here.
    much needed feature.
    loading a new song takes also the written midi automation as it is in the file of course.
    means when you want to switch program changes you run in trouble because the controller states of the midi commands and the program change number are not independent working - ending up in multiple copys of the same song just to switch PRM where you the next song will override the midi states send before. i have lots of cases in my livesets with external gear where this is messing up the sound so cant use it.
    When you use the workaround (manually) skipping (cause of the wheel) thru the numbers you will always hit some prog number in between which can lead to a going wild midi chain on or behind the targeted device.
    The most sexy solution would be when unmuting a track and the prog number is different on same midi ch, then it should send prog change, if its the same as before some machines act with ignoring the command, some reload the prog bound state.

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