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How do you unlink cloned clips?

henrikmaneuverhenrikmaneuver BerlinPosts: 18
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I've been scratching my head for a few hours trying to find out how to unlink cloned clips in song view. It is mentioned both in the manual and in the Deluge Guidebook but neither actually says how to do it. Am I missing something obvious?

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    MaxOSMaxOS Los AngelesPosts: 41
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    If you change the preset on one of the cloned clips, they become un-linked. If you want both clips to be un-linked but have the same preset, you need to clone the preset which makes two copies of the same preset. See below from the manual:

    Loading sound presets
    The simplest way to load a sound preset for a clip is to turn the select knob while in clip view, to
    navigate through existing presets.
    If you wish to navigate more quickly to a particular preset however, there is the load preset
    interface, which you can enter by pressing load+synth or load+kit, to load a synth or a kit preset
    respectively. In this interface, much like that for loading songs, you may use the alphanumeric
    keyboard to type the name of the preset you wish to load.

    “Cloning” sound presets, to add an additional instance
    Each loaded sound preset may only have one clip active at a time. When a preset has an active
    clip, it won’t even show up as an option for another clip when navigating through presets in clip
    view, and if you try to load it in the load preset interface, the Deluge will display a “USED” error
    message, meaning the preset is used elsewhere.
    To get around this, load the preset with the load preset interface, but long-press the load button
    after selecting the preset. The Deluge will offer you the option to “CLONe” the preset - loading it
    into memory as a separate copy, able to be used simultaneously to the existing one. Press the
    load button again to complete this.

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    henrikmaneuverhenrikmaneuver BerlinPosts: 18

    Thank you for your answer but it doesn't solve my problem. I need to unlink a cloned clip, not create a new clip with the same preset. The reason for this is that I have a clip containing a kit but need to separate the different sounds and notes to individual clips. The logical way to do this is to clone the clip and delete all but one sound in each of the clones. But then they cannot be played simultaneously. It is mentioned in the manual and the Deluge Guidebook that you can unlink cloned clips, but as I wrote, it is not explained.

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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,056

    henrik, i think you are wrong here, to do what u want u need to do what maxos wrote and use the clone preset function. otherwise u cant play the clips at the same time.

    i can relate confusion and lack of logic rather to the behavior of cloned kit clips. maybe it is the same for you.
    the actual suggestion does not matter, you might wamt to check the details about how modifications in 1 kit clip affect other clips of the same kit preset. at least for me it had been a surprise to learn every clip of the same kit preset can have totally different samples.
    hope this helps, can recommend to give maxos tip another try.

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    hexagon5unhexagon5un MunichPosts: 64

    "The logical way to do this is to clone the clip and delete all but one sound in each of the clones."

    What about making a new kit track with just the voice you want in it (new kit ..sample..browse) at the same slot/note as it was in the original, and then copy/paste the other track's contents over the new single-voice track. New kit track, locate sample, paste notes. Repeat until done. Might be quicker?

    As Amiga909 suggests, the Deluge has a unique workflow where copying tracks from song mode is basically intended for making alternate variations that won't play at the same time, and puts them automatically into a new section. This makes sense if you're composing from a single riff into a bunch of variations that you'd like to later string into subsequent sections.

    To make them play together, you have to "clone" them to a different instrument, using the long-press-load maneuver, and then they can play together in the same section, which is what it sounds like you want. Or if that's a bit complicated, you can just copy/paste the notes into separate kit tracks as I suggested above.

    I was actually just playing around with a track that included a handful of clones, and I have to say it felt like I was swimming upstream. It's just not the "deluge way". Still, I got something cool out of it. I'll have to post that up later.

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    henrikmaneuverhenrikmaneuver BerlinPosts: 18

    Well, copying the clip and deleting a few sounds seemed a lot easier and faster than creating a new clip, loading the sample and copy / re-enter the notes. The reason I thought it was possible is because the guide says ”unlinking cloned clips...” but then actually describes exactly what MacOS suggested, maybe something got left out. Thank you for your input, I dont mind changing my workflow a bit, was just looking for a shortcut that might be hiding somewhere :)

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    hexagonhexagon United StatesPosts: 1

    I am also wondering how to unlink clips in song view. After I clone a track, I can only play one at a time, but that is not what I want- I want to be able to copy the track and write a new part that I often will want to play on top of the existing clip. Or maybe I want to create a variation of the synth parameters in this new clip. Can someone please enlighten us on the easiest way to do this?

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    volstehvolsteh CroatiaPosts: 57

    Manual, page 134, "unlinking cloned clips"

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