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24hr Online Deluge Party

Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandStaff Posts: 347
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We're all going a little stir-crazy right now, so let's do something about it.

Please join the Facebook event here:

It's time to grab a sleeping bag, lockdown snacks and stay up all night with us as we stream the best videos from our users and a bunch of never-before-shared footage from our archives - including footage from our numerous Deluge parties around the world the past four years. Hosted all day and night by Ian, with Rohan chiming in on occasion from the warehouse.

We'll have live chat enabled, with our users all over the globe, let's bring this community together!

If you have a video you'd love to have be considered for being shared, or if you will make something before our deadline, please fill in this form and check out other details here by APRIL 10th.

Plan now to put those 24 hours aside. You can follow the event on Facebook, or the thread on our forums.

You'll be able to ask Rohan and myself questions (you know by now to not even try asking about future firmware plans) and we'll try our best to answer where/when we can.

Might be an idea to subscribe to our YouTube channel now

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    EddyEddy ColognePosts: 234

    Is it possible to join without FB?

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    ClimaxGravelyClimaxGravely VancouverPosts: 7

    My impression is that this will be via youtube streaming so there won't be a facebook requirement. Is that correct?

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    Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandStaff Posts: 347
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    Yip, has nothing to do with Facebook, hahahaha, for once eh ;)
    That is just a Facebook event, as a reminder for people who use Facebook, and yeah, I'l post reminders and stuff in there leading up to the event, but will post the same in here.

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    ClimaxGravelyClimaxGravely VancouverPosts: 7

    Thanks for putting it on. That was fun :)

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