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Saving Kits? (problem / bug?)


Is there a way to save a kit after modifying it? - so that all the other tracks in that song that use that kit get the "update"? I can't figure out how to do this - or at least when I do it doesn't work as expected. When I update a kit (change or remove sample) and I save it (Save + kit) it doesn't push out changes of that kit to the other tracks that use it. Likewise, when I change / remove samples in a kit and I "save as" a new kit (net new kit - not A/B/C), all the previous kit samples that I deleted suddenly appear again... This is frustrating. It forces me to rebuild kits from the ground up - never allowing me to remove samples in a kit. My kits get really big and I have to manually go into each track that uses that kit and delete unwanted samples by hand. Working as designed or is this a bug?

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    PaulHPaulH NetherlandsPosts: 6

    I'm walking into the same wall at the moment and glad its not me. I made a sketch on the couch with 808 samples, which I now want to replace with midi assinments to my own (wannabehreringer) 808. It is driving me crazy. I change the kit to midi, it works, I save the kit. Turn of the deluge, turn it one, still works. Then I go to one of the clone tracks which now also has the new kit but only by name, it still has the original sounds. Then I go back to the clip where I changed everything and bammm, changes are gone and I can start over. :(

    Guess I need to remake the song with new tracks and kits and copy all the patterns...

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