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Midi auto-learn with Roli Lightpad


Has anyone had success figuring out which MPE/multi-channel/single-channel modes work best with a Roli Lightpad + Deluge?

I'd like to just use it as pads for a kit track but monitoring the MIDI signals coming from the Roli Lightpad, it's really sending a ... deluge ;) of MIDI signals per each pad tap.

I'm suspecting the auto-learn of the Deluge isn't latching onto the right MIDI instruction (e.g. might be confusing press, glide, swipe etc instead of strike as the hit velocity). As result, I can't quite figure out what Deluge is listening for but normal taps on the Lightpad doesn't always trigger a sound in the kit. Is there a way to drastically simplify the amount of stuff coming out of the Lightpad and just let it send a single note + velocity per pad hit and that's it?


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    funktreefunktree NYPosts: 124

    I have similar issues with Linnstrument, these expressive guys sent too much other messages. I would suggest to take any midi device in your studio (even iPad if it can output midi) and hook it up to deluge and mimic the roli notes. You could find notes installing ROLI Dashboard or just look at the pictures to find out which notes and CCs needs to be mapped. My ROLI is not with me so I cannot try it

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