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Unlinking clips


In song view, when I clone a clip, it is linked to its original — I can only arm/play one of the copies. I know I can load an unlinked copy of a saved synth/kit by pressing+holding [LOAD]. But what if my clip was just created in a song and is not saved as an individual clip? How do I unlink a copy or create an unlinked copy?


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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 955

    if I get you right: the Clone option for preset load only works for presets stored to the SD card. not for presets associated with a song (these are like temporary). so if you have changed an instrument and you want a clone, you have to save the preset first.

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    rivorivo DeutschlandPosts: 4

    I was hoping that there would be an option for ad-hoc created clips, without having to save them or even recreate the same clip again.

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