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Did anyone replace the deluge wood cheeks with 3D printed - colourful - ones?

CandyGarageCandyGarage MontrealPosts: 8

I'm a bit tired of wood cheeks on synth hardware... Aren't you?

I think it is possible to replace the ones on deluge with punchy blue, red, yellow or pink(!!) 3D printed side panels.

Before digging deeper into this (total newbie in 3D print) and asking Synthstrom for the exact dimensions of the panels, I'd like to know if someone has tried this already? Or has someone on the forum access to a 3D printer and wouldn't mind to give it a try against payment?

It looks like the swap is not very difficult once you have a a 1.5mm allen (hex) key.

Let me know!


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    MetamereMetamere United StatesPosts: 2

    Since it's my first synth, I'm actually not tired of the wood cheeks at all. On the contrary, it's plastic devices that I'm a bit tired of. I actually quite like the look and feel of the wood on it. And wood is a renewable resource, after all. I have a 3D printer, and I can see how there could be some benefit to using it to replace the wood panels if you were incorporating some other features into it, such as a handle, extra ports, stand mounts, sculptural forms and details, etc. If you absolutely need them in another color, paint is always an option, and you'd probably have an easier time matching to other things than with 3D printer filament (some materials can be painted, too). I have a 3D printer, and it is just big enough to make a replacement part. It may be somewhat involved of a process, depending on how things are mounted internally. Threaded inserts may have to be embedded into the plastic. And unless you design the changes carefully, then the decksaver and case may no longer fit. If money is no object, I could certainly hook you up with whatever you want, as I'm a mechanical design engineer who does 3D printing as one of my hobbies, although if you wanted to get into 3D printing yourself, it's more accessible now than ever before thanks to good hardware and software design, support, and a helpful community. The Prusa Mk3s that I have is a great printer at a great price, especially when you build it from the kit. The $350 mini version would be ideal for you, since its 18 x 18 x 18 cm build volume is just big enough to fit the 209 x 33 mm panels on the bed (although you could make them a bit bigger or smaller as desired, up to about 45 mm wide). There are cheaper printers out there, but they are often way too much hassle to work with. Prusa printers are the best value. And for the design of the parts, Autodesk's Fusion 360 software would do the job quite nicely, and is completely free for hobbyists. It's fairly easy to get into and also has a lot of tutorials out there. If you are able to handle the design aspect of it and can just send me the 3D model to print, I would be happy to make you the parts for the cost of the material and S&H. If the parts are mirror images of each other, I can print them both from one side. I can do heat-set threaded inserts as well. I didn't see any Deluge parts on the popular 3D model sharing sites, by the way.

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    neilbaldwinneilbaldwin UKPosts: 60

    I removed mine, trimmed them down a bit (with a wood file) and painted them black (and replaced the knobs with silver ones).

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    ClimaxGravelyClimaxGravely VancouverPosts: 5

    @neilbaldwin said:
    I removed mine, trimmed them down a bit (with a wood file) and painted them black (and replaced the knobs with silver ones).

    Wow that looks awesome. Great work!

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