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Seth Elgart - Deluge Two-Hour Challenge


It has arrived.


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    sethseth New York City

    OK, this thing is just ridiculously good.

    Five tracks. Will record a video but I'm definitely going to need more light as it was daytime when I started this. Two hours is not a lot of time to do a complete track with a thousand parts but it's definitely enough time to get an decent idea of what's possible, and certainly enough time to start making music with it. The two hours flew by. Tons of fun.

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    sethseth New York City

    My two-hour challenge video. Not really a complete song but hey, two hours ain't a lot of time, either. Played with adding some drums but couldn't quite fit that into two hours. I'll definitely continue working on this to finish it but I have to say I had a great time getting this to where it is at the moment. Still haven't touched a tenth of what's there, but on the other hand was able to learn how to do what I needed to do in a pretty short time. Gotta say that watching a ton of other folks YouTube videos probably helped a great deal.

    I'm hooked. No question.

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