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Arming MIDI clips for recording doesn't work as expected?


Setup: I have two synth instruments in my song, both have their keyboard 'learnt' to the same channel of my midi controller. I'd like to record for one of them but not the second.
Based on the manual:

"Hold [RECORD] to check current status of [LAUNCH] pad
associated with the the clip row to record into.
• Flashing coloured eg: magenta - clip is empty, armed and ready to
• Flashing red - clip is armed, ready to record. It will playback as
normal in loop but will mute when a new overdub is recorded.
• Solid dim colour - unarmed and will not record. Clip may have
content already recorded in."

I long press record button - both launch pads are flashing red - and then switch the one for track i don't want to record to solid green color. However, when I start recording afterwards both tracks record my notes.
Does arming work properly only for audio clips? If so, what's the point of having flashing|non-flashing distinction for midi clip and can we maybe get proper midi/synth/kit track arming?

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