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‘Input Only’ monitoring


I don’t know if this is possible or not - if the headphone out and stereo out are separately addressable in hardware - but I think it would be useful to have an ‘Input Only monitor’ option for the headphone out, so that I can only monitor the input and not the output. I would like to run the Deluge’s output through an external FX unit like a compressor, and back into the input, and listen to it through headphones, without creating a feedback loop. Thoughts?


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    I think this is a necessary addition to the deluge. Theres a lot of posts in various places asking how to do this and I found your post trying to figure out if that's possible. I love the Deluge but I prefer my Eventide Hardware effects to the internal delay and Reverb and I'd love to be able to send those out into an effects Loop and resample outside of the box.

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