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can i import a clip from another song ?

torgatorga LisbonPosts: 14

Noob question: I use the deluge mainly as a sequencer for external gear. Sometimes im working in a song and i would like to use a bass or some chords that i have in some other deluge song. Can i do this? if i could save clips and load them on another song would be great. Is this possible ?

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    hexagon5unhexagon5un MunichPosts: 30

    Just tested out of curiosity: you can use the cut/paste feature across songs, even with MIDI tracks.

    Learn+<-> and Shift+Learn+<->

    If it's an audio sample/clip/resample, you can also go diving for the sample on the SD card and use that.

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    yattixyattix United KingdomPosts: 3

    Damn, that's very cool!

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