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MIDI timing nudge?


Has anyone played around with the MIDI timing nudge feature? (3.0 manual, p. 231) My read is that it shifts the internal/external MIDI clock offsets by a 1/96th. So far, so clear.

a) Is it persistent? Say I've been twisting the knob around like a blind monkey (I have). Will my D's internal MIDI clock continue to be offset in the future? Is it saved with the songs? (I guess I could dig around in the XML to answer this...)

b) If persistent, how do you re-zero it? There's no indication of how many clocks it's already off.

c) Does anyone use this? It's mainly meant to keep two beat-boxes in sync, right? For instance, it won't nudge external MIDI track events, but just the MIDI clock?

If I can get some free time, I'm going to play around with some sharp drum hits on a couple other machines and see how the timing works out. But if anyone already knows/uses this feature, you could save me an hour's work or so.

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