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Played a full original deluge live set (75bpm lofi downtempo)

SoundwreckerSoundwrecker Colorado, USAPosts: 12

I recently performed live at a local cyberpunk cafe in Colorado Springs using deluge for the first time. The set consists of about 50 minutes of lofi / downtempo tracks which represent what I'ved written over the last 6 or so weeks. I also used a Boog D to play one growling note through the whole set and in a few spots I play some lead guitar live. The rest is deluge native synths, sampled instruments, drum kits along with resampled tracks from my studio hardware - Peak, Tempest, Digitone and guitar.

The way I performed is I made ~23 songs, each of which contain stems for various instruments and parts of a song. Live I launch stems, mix parts in and out, work filters and effects etc. You really have to pay attention with the deluge or things can go wrong in a moment, but it's pretty nice to perform on.

My method for transitioning through songs is as follows:

  1. Arrange the songs in an order.
  2. Decide how you want to leave a particular tune, i.e. - broken down to minimal outro part, etc.
  3. Resample the outro section to a file.
  4. Load the sampled outro into the first track of the following song and save it as active.
  5. Now when playing you can work your way into the outro and load and start the next song without any interruption.
  6. Mix in the new song and take out the last.
  7. Repeat.



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