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Mute Mode (+ Mixer )


One thing i'm missing on the Deluge, compared to other grooveboxes (Electribes) is the immediate control to all mutes: only 8 are immediately accessible at a time on the deluge's song or kit modes (you have to scroll if you want more).
Also, i'm missing the possibility to access kit mutes and synth parts mutes at the same time (currently you have to be in kit edit mode, and not song, to mute/unmute drum sounds)

So, it would be nice to have a Mute Mode that would represent all tracks and kit sounds each with one pad.
The pads would change colour according to what they're playing or completely off if muted by pressing.
This Mode would sit in Song Mode, as a sub mode.

Other song sub modes could be implemented as well, like Volume or Pan.
e.g: Volume Mode would give access to 16 tracks at a time, with 8 levels of volume, for rough settings. Or maybe more levels with up-down scrolling..
A mixer like that would be a good way to add a gain stage level, that the deluge is missing.

All in all, These "mixer" modes would give direct control and visual of the whole song at the same time on the pads (under the limit of 128 tracks/sounds for mutes or 16 for the Volume) without the need to scroll, for convenience in mixing and for performance. Muting/unmuting parts is a lot of fun live :)

Thanks for reading!


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