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A few questions before ordering a Deluge


Hello !

I currently perform with the digitakt + ableton + EHX45000 + minitaur + bass station

I'm tired of the computer, and I find it very unreliable in dificult conditions ( sand, dust, dodgy electricity etc.. ) because i travel a lot.

before changing my live system, i have a few questions, for deluge experiemented users, I want to be sure i'm not gonna loose my time trying to adapt my live set to a machine that doesn't fit my needs :)

Even if, there's always a way to adapt ...

so here are my questions :)

1 - Is it possible / easy to connect an external midi controler to control some of the midi parameters, like the volumes of the drums, the mutes for each drum sound, some FX ( idealy FX on whole song )

If yes, will it work with the USB port directly ?

2- about the Song mode, Is it possible to have a '' next scene '' programmed somehow ? like on a MPC, idealy , working on song mode, having each part looping indefinitly, and just having to press next when I feel it ( That's how I work for now )

3- Is it possible to tweak some parameters in a live situation ? or the combinaison of shift make it impossible ?

4- how 's the overall quality of the sound ? compared to octatrack / MPC

5- Running the minitaur thru the machine , will I be able to use EQ/FX/Comp/Sidechain on the minitaur ? How easy is it to keep the same setting from one song to another ?

6- is it possible to use in it in daylight ?

I was using the push before, and i remember a soundcheck in Venice during the day.... Impossible to see anything with the sun, all pads were white !

Thanks a lot :)


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    IcoustikIcoustik NorwayModerator Posts: 600

    1) Yes, possible and easy. Not global fx (Affect Entire) currently, but one midi CC can be assigned to multiple parameters. Yes, USB directly with compatible controllers that don't require too much power - there's a list of them on the forum.

    2) Not directly. But you can save your songs adjacent next to each other, and all you need to do is hit load, scroll one to the right (or left) and hit load again to cue loading for the next end of loop, and then it'll switch songs seamlessly

    3) Yeah, sure. The gold knobs are for tweaking, and can control a multitude of things

    4) Better than octatrack and MPC. High quality DAC, 44.1kHz 24bit

    5) Yes, input can have FX. Its easy to make a blank template with the audio in settings for the minitaur set up.
    There's currently no compressor effect on the Deluge.

    6) Yes

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    DiamondEyesDiamondEyes Maidenhead, UKPosts: 24

    5) don't understand why you want to run the Minitaur thru the deluge?

    Deluge MIDI out to sequence the Minitaur - have seperate FX units on the Minitaurs output then into your mixer?

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    WWWWWW BerlinnPosts: 2

    thanks for you answers !

    I just wanted to use the mintaur thru the deluge to sidechain it , but if there's no compressor it's not an issue haha

    and Lcoustik, thanks for your help !

    there's just something you didn't get in my question, actually maybe it was not well formulated. ( number 2 )

    i'll try to rexplain , Basically I want to have the '' next scene '' function that i use a lot in ableton. where it trigger a bunch of sequences at the same time.

    I know you can do it in one of the modes( 5 i don't remember the one )
    but can you do it for example, when you are on the drum sequencer page ?

    thx !

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    GerwinGerwin GermanyPosts: 17

    So you would like to set combinations of tracks and use them as scenes. I am still not that deep in composing on the Deluge. AFAIK this is possible. You can gether Tracks in clusters and separate them by unrecorded tracks as marks.

    You can arm mute ore unmute all tracks in that clusters. Probably it’s different as you thought, but works.

    You can not mute and unmute tracks as long you are in a drumsequencer page. But you can multiply your drum pattern and mute certain drums. You order those tracks progressive and pick whatever you need.

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    hexagon5unhexagon5un MunichPosts: 30
    edited January 27

    If your number 2 is simply that you want groups of clips to play together, this is called a "section" in Deluge-land, and is denoted by the clips all having the same color pads in the rightmost section column. There's no "next" which I think people are responding to, but when you hit 'purple', all of the clips in the purple section play, and all other colors cut out. It's not sequential, more like random-access. (And if you want sequential, there's arranger view, but it sounded like you wanted to play it live.)

    Of course, you can also select/mute tracks individually using the "launch" buttons. And if you don't mind editing on the fly, you can enter a drum kit and mute any single voice easily enough that I wouldn't hesitate to do it live, with practice. It's really just two button presses. (Open kit, mute voice.) You can play a drum pattern live this way.

    The sidechain isn't strictly a compressor, but more like an auto-ducker. That is, it reduces the volume of a clip depending on how much signal is coming down the sidechain by default.

    If it were a true compressor, it would make the loud parts quieter while leaving the quiet parts alone. As it is, it's like a volume knob: it makes both the loud parts and quieter parts quieter. This is a fine detail. If all you're looking for is that pumping effect, you'll get it either way.

    And you can sidechain external input.

    The Deluge also lets you sidechain to other voice parameters. Sidechaining the frequency cutoff of the filter is super tasty.

    And while the sidechain channel defaults to the bass drum, you can change the sidechain send parameter for any synth/kit voice. So you can have a lowish pad voice duck out on your bass as well, and so on.

    It's ridiculously flexible for a groovebox, but the defaults are sensible enough that you don't have to use all of the flexibility if you're not up to it.

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    4) Better than octatrack and MPC. High quality DAC, 44.1kHz 24bit

    Sort of off-topic here. @Icoustik Octatrack has decent sound, I think, and technically it also runs on 44.1kHz/24bit (especially for sampling). I don't know MPC.

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    uijauija GermanyPosts: 6

    As far as I understand Question #2 the Sections are more or less what the Song mode does. It just not that nicely organised as ableton is. You have to organize them yourself.

    In Song-Mode Patterns are looping until you change it. You can start and stop them any time. Starting and Stopping can be cued. If a pattern of a Track is started, that will stop a pattern that might be running on the same track.

    You can group Patterns and do the same with those groups. Thats sometimes easier in a big transition than cueing every single pattern alone.

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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 912

    about 2) interesting question

    the deluge is pretty deep and for a mpc „next scene“ there are a few options i think.

    • as ulja well explained, u can use sections as scenes. i found this works very good with less complex tunes.
    • subsongs. i know some people use this for live acts. the deluge switches songs in sync. i found this a very efficient way to perform live, for composing i dont like it cause aligning multiple subsongs is not fun.
    • in my current workflow the continue-play command in Arranger is what would be closest to a „next scene“ command i guess
    • watching yt vids i have seen plenty of different setups, the Deluge is unconventionally flexible.
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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 912

    @rudolphrapid said:

    4) Better than octatrack and MPC. High quality DAC, 44.1kHz 24bit

    Sort of off-topic here. @Icoustik Octatrack has decent sound, I think, and technically it also runs on 44.1kHz/24bit (especially for sampling). I don't know MPC.

    yeah, to be fair i wouldnt say better than elektron or akai gear. maybe better than one of the cheap mpc models. looked up some flagship mpcs, their DACs have way better specs. for the price the Deluge DAC is decent and the basic sound quality is no concern for me. i like the character of the Deluge: its like solid, flat and crisp with a touch of 8bit mud.

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    And Octatrack has three DSP units inside, as far as I know. That’s why all the eight tracks can even have their own reverb. However Octatrack has only eight tracks :D

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