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I can hear my guitar via Audio thru but the loop function wont record sound.


I've read the manual countless times and i still cant get it to work, i have gotten it to work in the past though. this is my process;

  1. i turn the machine off and on.
  2. i go into the arranger view and make a new audio track (audio1) and assign it to Left(dot)
  3. i press play
  4. i press my loop button
  5. nothing records but i can hear sound.

also, when i send the midi loop command, it also pauses one of my clips, im not sure why and i dont know how to fix this


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    duelinmarkersduelinmarkers Austin TX USPosts: 108

    You mention hitting play. Are you forgetting to hit record?

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    GerwinGerwin GermanyPosts: 17

    You must stop recording by pressing mute / launches button and wait until the Deluge stops recording at the end of the bar. If you stop on play,- or record button the recording is gone.

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