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"Affect All" Parameters mappable to MIDI

SamuelSamuel Rotterdam, NetherlandsPosts: 32

As much as I love the golden knobs for tweaking sounds quickly, I noticed that quick sweeps tend to not register properly. Also, when I want to affect multiple sounds at the same time, using an external MIDI controller is the easiest route. So being able to map anything to a MIDI message would be really nice. But you cannot map "Affect All" parameters to MIDI sources.

So no global cutoff sweep over MIDI, no fading out an entire kit at once over MIDI, no quick delay tweaking for the entire song over MIDI.

I'd love to see this changed. Perhaps a good way of mapping these parameters would be to press and hold [affect all] and press the pad of the parameter you'd like to map. Then the pad starts blinking along with affect all button (to show the global nature of the parameter). Then you can proceed to map this parameter to any MIDI message as you would normally.


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    recursorrecursor UKPosts: 27

    this would be great!

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    mycorrhizaborgmycorrhizaborg United StatesPosts: 3

    I very much want this! If levels for vol, cutoff etc are easy to "affect entire" kits with the gold knobs, hopefully it isnt too hard to make it mappable to midi without mapping each kit part individually.

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