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Show info while playing


Hey delugers,

quite sure someone already thought of this but couldn't find a related post.

Wouldn't it be useful if the delly showed some current state info while playing?

For instance, the longest bar current playback position could be shown by
default in a form like " of " (i.e. "3 of 8") and any other bar
current playback position could be made available by hitting shift + grid pad
on a clip.

Again, things like voice clipping active state ("clip/no clip"), playback time,
active/inactive sample transcoding (are we using the native sample format?),
number of tracked samples in a song (time to shift to another song?) and so
on could be made accessible by pushing, for instance, cross-screen during playback.

I love to be "unlimited" when it comes to voices, clips, samples and so on
but we know there's a limit on how unlimited we can be and it would be useful
to have a means to cope with that limit. Ideas?

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