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Disable Light Animations in Keyboard View


In Keyboard View the Deluge lights up every instance of a note in every octave when a note is pressed. This might be done to help educate the user about the logic of the isometric note layout. I think the drawbacks outweigh this benefit:

1) Flashing lights make it harder to see the pattern of illuminated lights that describe the current scale. Every time a note is pressed you no longer can tell the root at a quick glance. Sometimes I stop playing so I can see the scale lights better.

2) Flashing lights distract player and neighbors. I felt bad on a dark airplane making all these flashing lights even with the Deluge dimmed all the way down.

The player is already expected to memorize shapes for every other musical interval on the isometric layout, why should they need extra help for the octave? Can we please have an option to turn off this animation? I think it would be OK to just cancel the animation altogether instead of adding another keyboard shortcut. Linnstruments originally had this same animation of lighting up like notes but Roger Linn removed the animation for similar reasons.

Thank you! Overall I'm a huge Deluge fan of course.


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    LarsDanielLarsDaniel DenmarkPosts: 18

    As a Linnstrument user, I feel at home at the Deluge keyboard, but please let us turn off the “light pollution”.

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