Midi tracks in Kits

MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, GermanyPosts: 111

I've been triggering drums on an external synth using the Midi mode. It would be cool to be able to trigger them through the Kit to save a bit of space. So maybe an option that would allow you to choose which midi channel and which note would be cool.



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    muleskinnermuleskinner Bath, UKPosts: 24
    I agree - there's already a request for this called 'midi kits' or something, it was one of the first requests I set up. I wasn't thinking of mixing 'midi' and 'normal' kits but that's a good idea.
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    MyrkMyrk Taunton, UKPosts: 70

    I have a variant of your request in my request... I propose letting users press and hold midi then press kit to make a "midi kit" or midi and synth to do a "midi synth", then allow saving of presets and utilizing the learn function. Think it could work nicely with the existing workflow.

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