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OFFTime for MIDI Notes

xybrexybre Chicago, USAPosts: 7

Same functionality as CV Gate OFFTime, but for MIDI clips.

This would insert a tiny (millisecond or so) gap between a note off message and an immediately consecutive note on message in the sequencer. This would be good as a global setting I think, but anyone who thinks this needs to be a per-clip/track setting can comment below.

This is to support MIDI-to-CV/Gate converters in particular so they can retrigger the gate for envelopes as well as some MIDI hardware that has issues with notes being too close together.

The CV/Gate section in the global settings menu for reference:
CV Gate OFFTime

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    LjkLjk Austin Tx USAPosts: 67

    +1 this should be a function for every sort of track. Either for shifting things un quantized closer, further from time. Or for addressing phasing. Essentially A micro nudge.

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    xybrexybre Chicago, USAPosts: 7

    Being able to nudge a full track could be useful, but this is specifically for changing the timing of note-off without changing the timing of note-on, and only for a difference of a tiny amount.

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