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Audio clips are getting double timed - is there a way to set the BPM of the audio clip

BrettBrett Posts: 39
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I may have missed this in the documentation, but I've found an issue with several of my more melodic pieces where the Deluge believe that an audio clip may be at 160 BPM when the clip is actually at 80 BPM.

If there is not a way to adjust this, can it please be added?
If it is there, sweet! And i'd love to understand how to this.

Thank you for your time and help,

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    AndrevonAndrevon FrancePosts: 8
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    I don't know if you finally found the answer, but if it helps, try to check your track's length to match the real duration of your sample. Maybe the actual length is twice too short, so it's stretching the sample.
    Check the "cut / once / stretch" status as well.
    Finally, don't shorten the sample directly in the wave editor (white), but do this in the clip view by pressing a pad at the end of the waveform (colored) and moving the blinking red line.

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    BrettBrett Posts: 39

    Thank you, I ended up doing that and it worked well.

    Thanks again,

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