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Input Level Indicator/Clipping Notification

synacksynack Austin, TX, USAPosts: 3

It'd be nice to have a way to see the strength of the input signal so it can be set correctly. The primary use case is catching clipping before you record.

I switch between a number of input sources: guitar, bass, analog synths, digital synths, etc. The levels are all slightly different and some will clip on the deluge. There's currently no way to catch this until after recording. Right now, the Deluge is clipping on signals that aren't clipping anything else in my setup.

A simple approach (used by the Boss RC-505 looper) is a clip light and an input gain knob. That was always sufficient to tweak things in real time.

Two UI ideas for this on the Deluge:

1) When an audio clip is selected (not necessarily recording), flash "CLIP" in the display if the signal saturates the input.
2) Use the LED bar to show the input signal strength along with the CLIP message.

In both cases, one of the knobs could be used to attenuate the signal. If the hardware can't do it with a hot signal, the warnings will still be helpful and the user could adjust their levels at the source.


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